Monday, April 21, 2014

Common concerns seen at West Sacramento urgent care facilities

Urgent care is not a service unique to the United States of America. Other countries such as England have urgent care facilities as well, working on practically the same basic principles of convenient and less costly alternative care. While systems do differ from area to area, they are intrinsically the same, sharing similar issues and concerns. Caroline Parkinson of BBC News recently published an article that discussed the need for the NHS to simplify urgent care in England as well as other issues.

The basic idea of the article is that there is a need for a simpler system bringing together urgent and emergency care in the country. This is to avoid confusion as well as help residents know where they should get medical help and to have confidence in whatever service they receive. In her article, Parkinson said, “The fragmentation and diverse nomenclature of urgent care services across England causes confusion amongst patients and healthcare professionals in terms of services offered.

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