Tuesday, June 14, 2016

West Sacramento Urgent Care Tips on How to Safely Enjoy Earth Day

It’s always great to spend some time under the sun, especially when it’s with your family and friends. Soaking up some natural vitamin D has been proven to be good for the health, and just having the warmth of the sun gently brushing against your face is already a relaxing experience. It becomes much better, too, when you’re spending the day at a park in Sacramento for Earth Day. An urgent care in West Sacramento, however, warns that the event will be running from 11AM to 4PM—pretty much the time when the sun will be shining on full blast. You’d want to pay attention to this little detail, because it’s going to be crucial for your skin health. Go for Sun Safety Because of the sun’s rays being at its strongest and harshest at this time of the day, you would want to keep yourself protected from any possible repercussions or injuries.

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